Open standard based.

R.Ø.S.A.’s competences consists of creating tailor-made technology solutions in the fields of net applications, portal applications, content management, collaboration, commerce, broadband, wireless applications and community marketing.

Our production team has extensive expertise in the development of modular portal applications as well as convergent content management and delivery. R.Ø.S.A. technical services focus on the implementation and adaptation of third-party software and the corresponding components. R.Ø.S.A. collaborates with leaders in both the open-source and closed-source communities. Generally, we rely on open standards and support the success of this initiative.

Featuring an extensive technology map and in cooperation with partners R.Ø.S.A. develops IT solutions using a method adapted from RUP (Rational Unified Process) and Extreme Programming (XP), based on several years of experience. Also mentionable is the destinct methodic in developing user friendly interactive interfaces which are intelligent as well as stylish.